• Kitchen Exhaust Hoods Manufacturer/Supplier/Dealer in Pune/India

    Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

    Kitchen Exhaust Hoods Manufacturer/Supplier/Dealer in Pune/India

    Are you a commercial kitchen owner? Are you trying to provide healthy, clean food services to your customer? 

    We United Enterprise are Kitchen Exhaust Systems Manufacturer and Supplier in Pune,Maharahstra India. We are supplying various kinds of exhaust systems for commercial as well as industrial purposes.

    The most important equipment rather than burners, refrigerator, kitchen trolley is Kitchen Exhaust System for hotels, restaurants. A various kinds of kitchen exhaust systems are available.

    These systems help to keep your kitchen clean, safe and fresh by eliminating hot, and bad odor through exhaust fan, or hoods.If you are a commercial kitchen owner, you should refer these systems for making your customer happy. By maintaining clean and fresh kitchen, you show your care and quality food services for customers.

    Our kitchen exhaust systems are designed with latest technologies and techniques by our skilled professionals. It provides powerful and efficient performance. So we are widely accepted in the markets for providing exhaust systems with best quality and flexible prices.

    • Technical Specifications: 


    Stainless Steel


    100 - 500 kg


    720 mm



    75 KWs


    1700 Volt


    677 mm


    Do you love to prepare food without unpleasant odor and smoke?

    We are leading manufacturer,supplier and traders of kitchen exhaust hoods in India.We are located at Pune, Maharashtra India.

    A Kitchen Exhaust Hoods are made with a mechanical fan that can be placed above stoves or burner for exhausting airborne gases, smokes, hot air from the air by filtration.

    Kitchen exhaust hoods are designed and fabricated with excellent finishing and a powerful performance by our skilled professionals.

    Our exhaust hoods are made with latest technology and suitable for those who love to prepare foods without unpleasant smells and smoke. It helps to keep your kitchen clean, fresh and smoke free with high extraction rates..

    A kitchen exhaust hood consists of drive motor which operated smooth, quick and  efficiently.So it helps to reduce noise level, wear and energy losses. They can be easily installed in your kitchen with less maintenance.

    Key Features:

    • Less energy consumption
    • Highly Efficient
    • Eliminates bad odor/smell
    • Smoke free kitchen
    • Low noise level
    • Less maintenance

    Technical Specifications:

    Input Voltage





    Wall Mount












    <= 17  (m3/min)